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Computer and soft skill training services: online, on-demand and face to face. 

Our Services

Holcombe Training & Consulting is a one-stop training and business services provider. Thousands of training topics are available in various learning formats. 

Our Services

Virtual On-line Training

Our virtual on-line training lets you take your training from anywhere. Thousands of topics and guaranteed to run dates are available.

On-demand Self-Paced Learning

Convenient and flexible with easy access to course materials and many hands-on activities. On-demand courses are good for a year and many offer recordings that can be viewed multiple times.

Consulting & Contract Work

When you need help with your projects, let us take some of the stress off: databases, spreadsheets, documentation and more.


Holcombe Training & Consulting offers many courses in a classroom setting in half-day and full-day sessions. If you have a training room, we will facilitate at your site for up to 20 participants.

Use the Contact form below to request additional information. 

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