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Special Bundles and Workshops 

OnDemand IT Training Courses

10 courses bundled together with a per user price - starting at $150 per user!
Why are our videos better?

a. Our courses are more robust

b. We have study workbooks for many courses, flash cards with audio, some have digital games to reinforce learning

c. There is a course quiz and a final practice exam.

d. We offer customer service.

e. Online Tech Support 24 x 7 by ZenHelpDesk – never take the students email-never market to them

f.  Downloadable/Printable Course Completion Certificates

Lab option available for many courses at an additional cost.



Reporting Capabilities for any organization that buys a block of courses

    a. Track the student login and course progress.

    b. Able to see the progress by hours, minutes.


Unbranded Training Portal
Access from any browser on any device 24 x 7
All licenses are Prepay
Demo access available upon request
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